The Braman Winery Story

Joe Braman's family roots run deep in the rich, fertile soil of South Texas. They spread throughout ranching, real estate and oil in pure "Everything's bigger in Texas" fashion.

With such a strong family tree, why would Joe decide to vine? In a name: Mary.

Mary O'Connor Braman hailed from Port O'Connor, Texas. With a town named after them, you'd have to expect the O'Connor family tree grew as tall as the Braman's. As Joe's grandmother, Mary was first to see and develop Joe's natural cooking talents. The time they spent together was one part learning and one part love of all things culinary, especially the importance of wines and pairings.

In her youth, Mary helped chart the reefs along the Texas coast with a lead weight tied to a string to sound the depths. So, beyond Joe's passion for excellent wine and the art of pairing is a hereditary skill for charting new ground. It's a life compass that has guided Joe through culinary school and some of the finest kitchens in the world.

Like Texas, Joe's ambitions for his winery are big. There are lots of unexplored tastes in the world of wine. Braman Wines will navigate you to the best, paired to occasion as much as to meal. This will be the Braman Legacy.

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X-Treme Airstream

This party on wheels travels year-round to festivals and private events across Texas, serving wine-based daiquiris, mouth-watering frozen drinks, and the famous Braman wine.

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