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The Pilsner

Specifically brewed for the purpose of beating the heat. Much like our hounds, The Pilsner makes a perfect companion for the hunt, on the beach, down the river or just hanging by the pool. A compilation of German malted pilsner and Czech hops.



Our golden ale is brewed to refresh on the hottest of days. Premium European and honey malts with German hops. If you need an answer to the Texas heat, this crisp German classic is it!


Texas Secession

The State of Texas is now in the full possession of a beer fitting for the quality of her People. Brewed with superb Texas grown malt and American hops. Purely for the leisurely day time enjoyment that the People deserve.


Texas Reserve IPA

Our American IPA balances premium kilned malts and ample hops. Plenty of American character and body with herbal hops along for the ride. Jump in the truck and hang on.